Two main developments are:

  • Performing test injections
  • New set of nanoparticles

REGROUND has successfully completed two pilot (test) injections in field sites in Spain and Portugal. The aim of these injections were to test the mobility of REGROUND nanoparticles in real aquifer, and therefore their ability to build a permeable reactive barrier. At this stage, REGROUND technology was applied in one injection well per site. About 20m3 of NP solution was injected into each well, achieving radius of influences between 2 and 3 meters. Initial monitoring results indicate reduction in Arsenic concentration in groundwater samples taken downstream. The monitoring campaign for these two pilot injections will continue until end of year 2016.

Additionally, a new set of nanoparticles has been synthesized in REGROUND. New nanoparticles have average aggregate size smaller than former ones, therefore reducing the risk of pore-clogging during injection, and also enhancing the adsorption capacity due to higher surface area. This new particles are currently tested by REGROUND partners for mobility, reactivity, and stability analysis. With such variation of nanoparticles. We are able to apply Reground technology under wider range of aquifer geochemistries.