19/11/2018 - 20/11/2018 Todo el día

REGROUND participates in DECHEMA conference for soil and groundwater remediation (German: Symposium Strategien zur Boden- und Grundwassersanierung), 19-20.11.2018, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Dr. Beate Krok (of UDE) will present results of an application of our colloidal nanoparticles to a Zinc-contaminated site in Germany.

Over the past decades, a high level of experience has developed in the exploration, assessment and remediation of soil and groundwater contaminants. Research findings have established established approaches and procedures in practice, for example in exploration, natural attenuation, in situ remediation or monitoring.

The thematic framework is the exploration, investigation and monitoring together with all aspects of the rehabilitation. This framework is supplemented with questions of proportionality and how to deal with new findings in already completed renovations. Communication and public relations are important elements of successful restructuring, especially in difficult locations. Other topics address new PFAS contaminated sites and services.

Another focus this year will be on knowledge management in contaminated site management, a question that is increasingly affecting us: sites that are partly in the process of being developed for decades and require long-term measures on the one hand, and change of personnel and generations on the other clear responsibilities and appropriate tools.

Link to the event: https://dechema.de/sanierung18.html
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More information: https://dechema.de/Symposium+Strategien+zur+Boden_+und+Grundwassersanierung-p-20082540.html