In collaboration with RIAS (Research Institute for Applied Science of ACECR), we apply our technology in a contaminated groundwater site in Iran. The aim of the application is to immobilize the dissolved contaminants (mostly Arsenic) upstream an extraction point. University of Duisburg-Essen (the coordinator of REGROUND project) provides the optimized colloidal nanoparticle suspension as well as remediation plan (with the help of other partners), and RIAS performs the injection and monitoring. An agreement has been signed, which ensures a fair way to share the resources and outcomes of this collaboration. All intellectual properties and outcomes are shared between parties, and any publications originating from this collaboration will include authors from both parties, and funding organizations will be properly acknowledged. RIAS is represented by Dr. Saeid Mirzaei, The head of research institute and  Dr. Kamal Khodaei, the head of environmental geology research group.

RIAS has a long term experience with contaminated groundwater resources in Iran. Since its foundation, more than 200 research projects have been carried out by RIAS and resulted in documentation of 108 inventions and genes submission, national standard compilation and publication of 500+ papers in domestic and international journals and conferences.

Currently, RIAS has 23 ongoing research projects. In addition, RIAS publishes the Iranian Journal of Geology Quarterly, a journal with scientific research grade from the ministry of science, research and technology.